• To start adding your team members select Users on the left side of your screen
  • Select Add Team Members in the top right corner of your screen
  • You can select Provider or Staff user from the tabs at the top of this view to enter the new user information
    *NOTE: Each user must have a unique email address  

  • Once you have added this user they will receive an email to set up their password like shown below:

  • Their username is their email address and password requirements are shown below:

  • Once their password is set they are also given the option to download our DocsInk Native Desktop App! We recommend this to all of our users for a more user-friendly version of our software
  • If chosen to not download the app - you can select the blue Dashboard button to continue to the browser screen
  • Once the Desktop Application has been installed the icon is displayed as shown below:
  • By logging in to the Desktop app or by selecting the Dashboard button they will be taken to the main Messenger screen shown below

Website View:

Desktop App View:

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