• Account Administrators can: ¬†Add & inactivate users, create groups, archive groups, resend password reset links, edit user profiles, customize settings for account
  • Once you have logged in at connect.docsink.com select Dashboard in the top left of the screen

  • Once in the Dashboard view, select the TEAM BUILDER tab
  • From the Team Builder tab you should see a list of your Team Members
  • Click Edit next to the User you would like to assign as an Admin
  • Toggle Make this user an administrator at the bottom of the view and Update

  • The user type will change from Staff to Admin

You can also Make a Staff Member an Admin from the Desktop App

  • Select Users in the left margin

  • Hover at the right side of screen next to the user to reveal the gear icon and select Edit

  • From the TYPE drop down options select Admin and Save

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