• To start sending Messages in your Native Desktop App, you'll start by clicking the 'Messaging' button on the left hand side

  • Next you will see your 'Direct Messages' sections

  • You will see a magnifying glass and a '+' next to direct messages
    The Magnifying Glass will allow you to search your Organization Directory and the '+' will initiate a new conversation

  • You will also see a red indicator when you have a new message

  • Click '+' next to 'Direct Messages' to start a new direct message¬†

  • Type in the users name and click 'Go' to initiate the message thread

  • To search for a user, click on the magnifying glass icon located next to 'Direct Messages' for the search directory

  • Search the name of the person that you want to message with, or search through the database of provider and staff members

  • Click the name of the person that you wish to chat with and type your message in the text box at the bottom of the screen

  • Press 'enter' to send

  • You will see one check to indicate it was sent and a second check mark indicates it has been viewed

  • Hovering over the double check mark will also reveal a time stamp of when the message was read

Congratulations!  You have sent your first message!

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