• From the user or group that you wish to initiate a video chat with click on the video camera icon in the upper right portion of screen

  • The User(s) invited to join the video chat will receive a "ring" notification & the message below with the link to join the video chat

  • As Users join the Video Chat session they will have the options to stop camera, mute themselves, share their screen, and leave the meeting with the tabs at the bottom of the video view

  • The person who initated the video call will also have the option to record the session

  • The Camera Icon under the organizer's name card in the bottom left allows the organizer to take pictures of the screen during the video call - these images will also be stored in the message thread where the chat was initiated

  • If the session is being recorded at the end of the meeting Select 'Stop Recording' then Select 'End Meeting'

  • The recorded video call and any pictures taken during the call will be available in the message thread

  • After the meeting has ended the meeting time, duration and attendees will be displayed

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