• Select 'Patients' on DocsInk's communication dashboard
  • Click '+' icon on the upper right corner of screen

  • Type in patient information
    REQUIRED INFORMATION: First & Last Name, DOB, Toggle for Women/Men, Location, Phone Number and Email

  • Select Toggle for 'Send texting invite' - Orange for Yes - the invite will NOT be a text message - It will be an email invitation
  • Click 'Save' to add new patient account
  • The patient will receive an EMAIL notification like below to set up their account
  • You will see the newly added patient in the patient directory
  • To Search for the patient -
    Type patients name in box next to the magnifying glass

  • The First blue Messenger button indicates 'SMS Messaging' turned on for patient
  • The Second blue Messenger button - when dulled out blue - indicates the Patient has not yet accepted their invitation 
  • Select the second blue box to re-send invite; Select 'Resend'
  • They will receive the invite to their email
  • Once they have registered with their email invite for the Patient Care Messenger the second blue Messenger button will become active
  • Select the second blue Messenger button to send a secure message to your patient through DocsInk Patient Care Messenger application

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