• You'll find the 'Task Icon' located on the bottom of the messenger screen on mobile
  • Tap the Task Icon to view your Task Calendar
  • Days with Assigned Tasks will have a dot below the date and you can tap the date to display those tasks

  • By tapping the '+' icon in upper right corner of screen you're able to create a task and add task information such as Actions, Status, Due Date, Assign to, Short Note & Note

From this view you can also edit:

  • Status - To Do, In Progress, or Done
  • Add Date and Time the Task is Due
  • Search and Assign to Any User in your Org or to Yourself
  • Include Short note & ┬áDetailed Note about Task

  • Click 'Save' in upper right corner of screen to finish creating Task

Complete, Edit & Delete Tasks

To Complete a Task:

  • Click Task
  • Click the Green "Done" Bar at bottom of screen

To Edit or Delete a Task:

  • Click Task
  • Select '3 dot icon' in upper right corner of screen
  • Select Edit or Delete

Edit information:

  • Click Edit to change Date, Assignee, or Status
  • Select 'Update' in upper right corner of screen to save changes

  • Deleted Tasks cannot be retrieved, so be sure when "delete" is selected,
    you're sure you want them gone!

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