Initiating Your First Telehealth Visit

  • Click the 'Start Telehealth' button to view these options below
  • Here you are given 1, 2, 3 options
  1. Will walk you through how to add a patient and launch a Telehealth session right away! **DO NOT CREATE A ‘TEST’ PATIENT WITH AN EMAIL OR PHONE NUMBER THAT WILL BE USED BY A STAFF MEMBER-- Use a personal email or a phone number of a friend to test this out-- if you are a user or are going to be added as a user in the future DO NOT use that email address or phone number**
  2. Will walk you through how to add a patient and/or add your appointments you have scheduled with patients and start a Telehealth session from the scheduled appointment!
  3. Show you how to initiate a Telehealth session from your cell phone, Ipad or tablet! **Important** You cannot add a patient from the mobile, Ipad or tablet application. Adding a patient has to be done on the computer desktop app or website!
  • You’ve added your patient and now you’re going to click ‘Start Session’ and send them an invite through Email or SMS text
  • Once you click invite to session a new window will appear for you and you will wait for your patient to join:
  • To make your patient the main view click on their picture to make them full screen

Patient View

  • The great thing about DocsInk, patients don't have to download an app! 
  • Their invitation will go directly to their email address or to their phone number. If it is sent via SMS text to their mobile device their invite will look like this:
  • Once they click on the link they will be taken to the screen to connect to session and then asked to ALLOW access to Microphone and Camera like below:

  • Once they connect and allow camera and microphone access...

 Welcome to your Telehealth session!

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