• Once logged in to your DocsInk account, select 'Patients' from the left margin
  • Select ‘Add a New Patient’ or search your Patients by name in the search bar
  • Fill out the New Patient Form- First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, toggle for Male/Female, Phone Number and Email are required fields - Click Save
  • Once your patient has been added, start a telehealth session by clicking the blue 'Start Session' tab
  • Now you have the option to send the Telehealth Invitation to the patients email address or with our Premium Productivity accounts send an invite directly to a patient's mobile phone number through SMS text
  • To send via SMS Message you will first need to Provision a Phone Number
  • Once the invitation has been sent a new window will open displaying your video call with your patient
  • Make sure both parties have Allowed Access to both Camera and Microphone to be able to see and hear each other
  • To make your patient the main view click on their picture to make them full screen

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