• Start from your mobile Messenger view - You can access this view by selecting the three lines in the top left corner of the screen

  • Select Messenger from the options displayed Note: Provider and Staff User menu options may vary

  • Once in the Messenger view you should see different tab options at the top of your screen - under the search bar ex. Inbox, Favorites, Groups, Contacts, Patients
  • For some users you may need to press and slide your finger along this tab line to reveal all tab options

  • Select the Patient tab

  • You will need to search the patient name in the Search bar at the top of the screen if you do not see their name listed

  • Select the Video Camera icon next to the patient name you are Inviting to a Telehealth Session
  • Once you tap the Video Camera Icon you can toggle to send a Telehealth Session Invite to the patient Email or Phone Number

  • Select Start Session when ready to send Telehealth Session Invite
  • Your screen will automatically refresh and You must click 'OK' to allow DocsInk to Access your Camera and Mircrophone
  • The patient will receive an email or text message link to connect to the session - they do not need to download anything, just click the link and allow DocsInk to access their Camera and Microphone

Another Option to Initiate a Telehealth Session from your Mobile app:

  • You can watch a video on how to initiate a telehealth visit on your mobile device from a scheduled Telehealth appointment by clicking the red Start Telehealth button located on your DocsInk desktop Messenger screen

  • Choose option 3 - You're Mobile - Click here to get started

  • This video will walk you through the following steps of initiating a telehealth visit from your mobile DocsInk app
  • Select 'Tasks' in the bottom center of your mobile screen

  • This will display your calendar and scheduled telehealth appointments
  • By clicking into your telehealth appointment highlighted in blue you will see your appointment detail screen with a Telehealth button

  • Selecting the Telehealth button will display the Initiate Telehealth view where you can Start Session via Email or Phone Number
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