You must be an administrator in your organizations DocsInk account to be able to create a Favorites list of CPT codes and assign them to a provider.

If you are an account administrator please follow the steps below.

  • Select the Cube Icon to access 'My Apps'
  • Choose Charge Capture

  • Select Favorites from the left side margin
  • Select CPT Codes to create a list of CPT code favorites or Explosion Codes to create an Explosion Code

  • Select the purple Create button

  • Complete fields for Step 1 of creating template
  • Click Next at the bottom to proceed to Step 2
  • Search your CPT code. Then click & drag the selection to the adjacent rectangle

**Note: You can have up to 20 CPT Codes added to your favorites list. You cannot exceed 20 items on the list.

  • Once you have completed adding your CPT Codes select Save
  • You should see your template listed - If you need to Edit a template now or later you may do so by selecting the pencil icon to make any changes

  • Next, select Code Assignments on the left side margin
  • Select the drop down under CPT Template next to the provider name and choose the CPT Template created for this provider
  • You may only have 1 template assigned per provider

  • To assign an Explosion Code select the purple button under the Explosion Codes column and select from the created explosion code to assign to your provider

  • Your provider will need to log out and log back in to their DocsInk account once these steps have been completed to access their CPT Codes Favorites List
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